The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)


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so last night i put some ear drops in my ear because my doctor said my ear was clogged and the drops will help fix that. however an hour or so later, my left ear canal began insanely hurting for 4 to 5 hours non-stop. I practically was up every hour at night. i’m not sure if this was due to the ear drops or not but it was so painful. this morning the pain sort of stopped but my ear was throbbing. right now, no pain (i think?) or throbbing however my left ear still feels a little weird. hopefully, by tomorrow, i pray that my left ear goes back to normal. if not, should i visit my doctor?? please don’t tell me i have an ear affection 😭



The Chinese Palace, built by Antonio Rinaldi, between 1762 and 1768, on the grounds of Oranienbaum park in Russia